MUNYA began playing classical piano at the age of 4 until her teenage years where she began performing and studying opera and classical vocal techniques. She slowly honed her voice and learned to become a “Coloratura” and qualified for several competitions, including “Canimex Canadian music competition” at the age of 16. She then paused her study of classical music and took a deep interest in Jazz. She began a program at the University of Montreal where she studied Jazz and fell in love with the works of Bill Evans, John Coltrane and Nina Simone. After her University time she began collaborating and touring as a keyboardist and back up singer with other Montreal artists including Alex Nevsky, Philemon Cimon, Ouri, and Sterling Grove.

Following an intense period of anxiety and depression in 2016, MUNYA began meditation, specifically zazen and transcendental. It was at this moment that she reached a new found reserve of creativity and began to focus and devote herself to her own original music. She discovered her sound when she began to combine her Classical Piano and Operatic Voice with analog synths and modern guitar/bass/drums.


I was already exploring meditation when I came across David Lynch’s book “Catching the big fish”. For me, it was a revelation! Meditation allowed me to achieve serenity but I had never thought of meditating for the purpose of creating. I started exploring this universe and it feels as if my consciousness has increased many magnitudes. I meditated, mostly in the evenings and entered another dimension, suddenly a song or idea would appear and I would immediately record it. It sounds crazy but it really is my process! I also began to rediscover many artists that have become some of my biggest influences and play an important role in my sound. Artists such as Giorgio Moroder and Françoise Hardy are beyond inspirational to me, of course there are too many others to list as well. I must have listened to the album “Knights In White Satin” by Giorgio Moroder a 100 times over the course of a week last year, its masterpieces like this that inspire me every day.


North Hatley: